Why Philosophy, Politics, and Economics?

There are many reasons why it makes sense to study philosophy, political science, and economics together:

  • Every significant social or political problem has ethical, political, and economic aspects; consequently, it cannot helpfully be addressed with one set of disciplinary lenses only. 
  • The boundaries between the three disciplines are of recent vintage and largely a historical artifact: Adam Smith, who is often described as the father of modern economics, was in fact a professor of moral philosophy.
  • And recent disciplinary trends have once more made any firm separation between the PPE disciplines arbitrary: there is by now a standard set of problems and tools for dealing with them – above all, rational choice theory and game theory – that belong to no one discipline.

While traditional academic disciplines are getting increasingly narrow, PPE students have more than a superficial understanding of three disciplinary approaches, and are trained to use whatever tool is most appropriate to the problem at hand.

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