PPE as Prelaw

PPE at Mason provides one the best pathways to develop the skills you will need to gain admission to and succeed in law school. Students interested in law school are strongly encourage to consider the PPE program and to take advantage of the Schar School’s Patriot Prelaw Program (P3). 

In law school and beyond, nothing is more important than being able to take in large amounts of information, assess what’s important, spell out and analyze arguments, and being able to present your conclusions clearly and convincingly, whether orally or in writing. The PPE program will help you develop all these skills. The data back it up: among the twelve largest disciplines, economics majors and philosophy majors are tied for first place in terms of LSAT scores, which play a pivotal role for entrance into law schools.

According to the American Bar Association,

"Students are admitted to law school from almost every academic discipline. You may choose to major in subjects that are considered to be traditional preparation for law school, such as history, English, philosophy, political science, economics or business, or you may focus your undergraduate studies in areas as diverse as art, music, science and mathematics, computer science, engineering, nursing or education. Whatever major you select, you are encouraged to pursue an area of study that interests and challenges you, while taking advantage of opportunities to develop your research and writing skills. Taking a broad range of difficult courses from demanding instructors is excellent preparation for legal education. A sound legal education will build upon and further refine the skills, values, and knowledge that you already possess."

The PPE program excels in exposing students to a broad range of challenging courses that provide a broad background of knowledge pertinent to a future career in the law.