southside group -- May 2 -- 6. Public Palaces

southside group -- May 2 -- 6. Public Palaces


Klinenberg, Eric. Palaces for the People: how social infrastructure can help fight inequality, polarization, and the decline of civic life.

Honig, Bonnie. Public Things: democracy in disrepair. Fordham University Press, 2017. Introduction and Epilogue.

The southside group is a (roughly) biweekly lunch group composed of George Mason faculty and students. We are open to anyone interested in participating in an eclectic and serious discussion of contemporary problems under the broad rubric of political economy.

Matt Scherer, Steve Pearlstein, and Bassam Haddad are the principal organizers of the southside group. Our emails are on our respective George Mason faculty pages.

You can find us in the:

southside dining hall or the Mason club

Six Thursdays a semester from 11:00--1:00

mostly faculty 11-12, students 12-1

More details:

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