David M Levy

David M Levy

David M Levy


Econometrics, history of economic thought

Levy’s publications include four scholarly books, ninety journal articles, dozens of book reviews and chapters in academic books.  The 2005 Vanity of the Philosopher, written with Sandra J. Peart, was awarded a Choice Academic Honors. The 1991 Economic Ideas of Ordinary People was republished twenty years after the first publication.  His long association with James Buchanan and Gordon Tullock helped with the Peart-Levy view of analytical egalitarianism as a claim in model space.  His service on the American Statistical Association’s Professional Ethics Committee helped to develop the Levy-Peart model of sympathetic bias in estimation.  Their 2011 publication “Soviet Growth and American Textbooks: An Endogenous Past” has received a good deal of notice as one might not believe it possible for the same textbook authors to claim that the Soviet economy was growing faster than the American but never catching up.  This might be described as sympathy for the model and offers a cautionary tale for the reports coming from China.  Levy and Peart have co-directed the Summer Institute for the Preservation of the History of Economics for thirteen years.  In 2012 Levy was made a Distinguished Fellow of the History of Economics Society.

Dissertations Supervised

Christopher R. Fleming, Talking Points: G. Warren Nutter and the Role of Discussion in a Knightian Foreign Policy and Political Economy (2021)

David C. Coker, From Economics to Social Philosophy: The Foundations of John Rawls' Contribution (2021)

Edward Austin Middleton, The Problem of Sympathy-Seeking Projectors: Adam Smith’s Support of Usury Laws as Prudential Credit Rationing (2021)

Brandon T. Minster, Two Types of Income Inequality (2020)

Nathanael David Snow, How to Talk: Richard Whately, The Constitutional Conversation, Informal Social Groups, and Reform (2019)

Paul H. Bennett, Modeling Behavior in Public Goods Experiments (2016)

Zeynab Masoudnia, The Market for Afterlife Salvation: On Endogenous Establishment and Abolishment of Purgatory in Christianity and Its Effects on the Printing Industry (2014)

Yavuz Yildirim, Determining Multifactor Productivity: How Robust the Relationship Between Sources of Knowledge and Competing Theories of Productivity (2008)

Bridget Butkevich, Constrained Coordination: Experimental and Russian Evidence (2007)