Peter J Boettke

Peter J Boettke

Peter J Boettke

Distinguished University Professor

Austrian economics, institutional economics, and comparative economics

Peter Boettke is a Distinguished University Professor of Economics at George Mason University, the BB&T Professor for the Study of Capitalism, and the Director of the F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

As a teacher, Boettke is dedicated to cultivating enthusiasm for the economic way of thinking and the importance of economic ideas in future generations of scholars and citizens.  He is also now the co-author, along with David Prychitko, of the classic principles of economics texts of Paul Heyne's The Economic Way of Thinking (12th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2009).  His efforts in the classroom have earned him a number of distinctions including the Golden Dozen Award for Excellence in Teaching from the College of Arts and Sciences at New York University and the George Mason University Alumni Association's 2009 Faculty Member of the Year award.

In 2005, Boettke received the Charles Koch Distinguished Alumnus award from the Institute for Humane Studies and the Jack Kennedy Award for Alumni Achievement from Grove City College.  Boettke was the 2010 recipient of the Association of Private Enterprise Education’s Adam Smith Award as well as George Mason University's College of Humanities and Social Sciences Distinguished Alumnus of the Year Award. In 2012, Boettke received a doctorate honoris causa in Social Sciences from Universidad Francisco Marroquin.  In 2013, Dr. Boettke received his second honorary doctorate from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Romania. Dr. Boettke served as President of the Southern Economics Association from 2015 - 2017 and President of the Mont Pelerin Society from 2016 - 2018. He also is the Editor of the Review of Austrian Economics and the Associate Editor of the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

Selected Publications


Authored Books

Living Economics: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Oakland, CA: The Independent Institute and Universidad Francisco Marroquin, 2012. Spanish e-book translation, 2013. Romanian Translation, 2013.

The Economic Way of Thinking, (with Paul Heyne [original author] and David Prychitko, preface by Douglass North), 10th ed., 2002; 11th ed., 2005; 12th ed., 2009; 13th ed., 2013, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

The Battle of Ideas: Economics and the Struggle for a Better World, (The Sir Ronald Trotter Lecture), Wellington, NZ: NZBR, 2007.

Is an Independent Non-Profit Sector Prone to Failure?, (with David Prychitko), In Lenore Ealy, ed, Conversations in Philanthropy series. Indianapolis, IN: The Philanthropic Enterprise, 2004.

Calculation & Coordination: Essays on Socialism and Transitional Political Economy, In Mario Rizzo and Lawrence H. White, eds, Foundations of the Market Economy series, London: Routledge, 2001.

Why Perestroika Failed: The Politics and Economics of Socialist Transformation, London: Routledge, 1993. The Political Economy of Soviet Socialism: The Formative Years, 1918-1928, Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1990.

For a full listing of Professor Boettke's research and publications, please visit his personal webpage

Expanded Publication List

For a full listing of Professor Boettke's research and publications, please visit his personal webpage


Ph.D. in Economics, George Mason University, January 1989

M.A. in Economics, George Mason University, January 1987

B.A. in Economics, Grove City College, May 1983

Doctoral Thesis Title: “The Political Economy of Soviet Socialism, 1918-1928”

Dissertations Supervised

Jonathan W. Plante, The Constitutional Political Economy of Deficits and Public Debt (2023)

Konstantin Zhukov, Studies in the Political Economy of Communism and Post-Communism (2023)

Sarah M. Moore, An Economic Analysis of Expectations (2023)

Rodney H. Yerger, Analyzing the Effectiveness of State-guided Innovation (2023)

Dillon Tauzin, Three Essays in the History of Economic Thought (2022)

Kaitlyn Woltz, The Political Economy of Prisoner Voice and Collective Action in the U.S. Prison System (2021)

John Kroencke, Three Essays in the History of Economics (2021)

Clara E. Jace, Essays in the Economics of Religion and Family (2021)

Stewart J Dompe, Three Essays on Water (2019)

Ennio E. Piano, Three Essays on the Economics of Governance (2019)

Raymond C. Niles, Entrepreneurial Discovery Capital (2018)

Ion Sterpan, Polycentricity and the Theory of Order (2017)

Megan Teague, Three Essays on Morality, Identity, and Economic Regulation (2017)

Anna Sanchez da Costa Faria, Coffee Culture: Three Essays on The Political Economy and Development of Brazil in the Early Twentieth Century (2017)

Rosolino Candela, Three Essays on the Economics of Property Rights with Applications to the Political Economy of Italian Unification (2017)

Stefanie Haeffele-Balch, The Political Economy of Nonprofit Social Enterprises (2015)

Kyle W. O'Donnell, Essays on Economics, the Economics Profession, and Applied Political Economy (2015)

Vlad Tarko, Living within Rules: A Theoretical and Empirical Exploration of Institutional Diversity and Optimal Federalism (2015)

Laura Grube, Disaster Recovery and the Role of Self-Governance (2015)

Solomon Stein, Theory and Method in Contemporary Interpretations of the Market Process (2015)

Liya Palagashvili, Aid and the Role of External Influence in Polycentric Institutions (2015)

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Jennifer Dirmeyer, The Political Economy of Local Governance and Service Provision (2009)

Emily Schaeffer, The Political Economy of Urban Reconstruction, Development and Planning (2009)

Adam Martin, The Use of Knowledge in Comparative Economics (2009)

Daniel D'Amico, The Imprisoner's Dilemma: The Political Economy of Proportionate Punishment (2008)

Jennifer Smith, Values and Economic Organization (2007)

Anthony Evans, Subjectivist Social Change: The Influence of Culture and Ideas on Economic Policy (2007)